Short Week & Minimum Day Tomorrow

Hello Aztec Families,

In case you weren't aware, there is NO SCHOOL on Thursday & Friday of this week (11/11 & 11/12) due to Veterans Day & Admissions Day holidays.  Also, tomorrow, Wednesday (11/10), is a minimum day for ALL students.  Therefore, our AM students will come to classes during their normal hours, but our PM students will also attend the AM session, 8am-11:45am.  

  • Our PM students will attend the following minimum day schedule:
                     8:00-8:52      Period 1 - PM students will attend Period 5
                     8:55-9:47      Period 2 - PM students will attend Period 6
                     9:47-9:56      Nutrition
                     9:59-10:50    Period 3 - PM students will attend Period 7
                    10:53-11:45   Period 4 - PM students will attend Period 7
                                                          (Again, you'll remain with your 7th period class for 4th period)