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Frontier provides a variety of activities and resources for students

Leadership Class

All students are eligible to participate in a 5th period Leadership Class, as long as they maintain good citizenship and academic progress. Students promote school spirit and plan and advertise campus activities such as fundraising, contests, and more.

Programs and Excursions

Participation in the Whittier Student Chamber of Commerce

Field Trips and Campus Events

College visits to nearby campuses

Participation in local conferences

College and Career Day

On-Campus Speakers

Career & College Resource Information

Job finding, career & college resources and information are located in the Student Center, Room B210. Resources include College Catalogs, assistance in applying for college, financial aid, Community College Assessment testing and information about the military. Scholarship assistance is also available.

Student Recognition Awards

Students are awarded recognition according to achievement and participation in academic subject areas. These are presented through Student of the Term Awards, Productivity and Attendance Awards, Top Producers, Recognition Nights and our Annual Awards Night.

After School NON-PROFIT Programs

PREP - located in room B210 (M-F), 1pm-4pm

Spirit Awakenings - located in room V1 (Tuesday, Wednesdays & Thursdays), 2pm-4pm

Title IX: Student Athletics

Frontier High School offers no athletics program and fields no athletic teams. Student athletes are encouraged to remediate their credits so that they may return to their comprehensive high school to participate in an athletics program.