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About Us

Frontier High School has once again been named a Model Continuation High School by the California Department of Education and the California Continuation Education Association for understanding alternative education services to students. Frontier provides students in the 10th - 12th grades with an alternative educational option. Frontier's students generally share one common characteristic: they have fallen behind in progress toward graduation. 
Frontiers academic program focuses on the 3-Rs: Reading, wRriting, and aRrithmetic while fostering Respect, Responsibility, and Renewal of hope for the future in our students.  The school offers instruction designed to match each student's needs, learning style, and skill level. FHS students utilize the same textbooks and learn the same content standards as students at other District schools however, smaller class sizes, individualized learning experiences, and classes available both in the morning and afternoon allow students to make up credits. Individualized personal attention from the staff at FHS helps to create an atmosphere that fosters student success.   
The goal of Frontier High School is to provide students with a caring and supportive environment in which they can meet the district's graduation requirements and either graduate from FHS or return to one of our five comprehensive high schools for graduation.



Frontier High School expects all students to become: 

Renewed Self-Disciplined Individuals who:

  • Take personal responsibility for their own organization, behavior, attendance and productivity
  • Pursue realistic and challenging goals


Responsible Academic Achievers who:

    • Apply skills and concepts outlined by the state standards
    • Use technology in real-life scenarios
    • Demonstrate higher-level thinking processes
    • Have developed marketable skills


Relationship Builders who:

  • Respect others while developing cultural and artistic sensitivities
  • Apply problem-solving methods in real-life situations
  • Work independently and cooperatively
  • Are positive contributors to their community