CAI Computer Lab

Welcome to the
FHS Credit Recovery Lab - Room 210

The FHS Credit Recovery Lab allows students the opportunity to attend before or after school to earn extra credits or to make up any missed attendance hours (from being tardy or missing classes).

Lab Staff

Ms. Rachel Alva

Hours & Days of Operation
Room B210
7:30 am - 4:00 pm
Monday through Friday (except school holidays)
562-698-8121 ext. 1227

Sign In Procedure
~ Students must sign in their name and school ID# on the lab attendance sheets.
~ The lab staff will mark each hour the student completes.
~ Upon leaving the lab, the student must sign out and check to make sure all of the hours of attendance are accounted for.
~ Lab attendance is turned in to the Attendance Office at the end of each day to maintain accurate attendance records of the students.
Log In Procedures
Students use their WUNet email addresses and passwords to access all computers on campus. A valid WUNet Technology Users application must be on file with the district.

Earning Credits
~ Lab provides students with partial subject credits and elective credits.
If a student needs 2 or less credits in a subject box (on their transcript)
then they can earn that partial credit in the lab.
~ If a student does not finish their work, they may leave it in the "Work In
Progress" bin, according to their Last Name, located at the front of the
While in the Lab, students have access to:
~ Partial Credit Assignments
~ Tutoring
~ Classroom Text Books
~ Computers with Microsoft Office (Work, Excel, Publisher etc.)
~ Internet
~ IXL math and English Language Arts