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Students not in class during the school day are considered truant unless they have permission from a parent or teacher.  Students may be counted truant if they are not in their assigned classes even though they are on campus.  Truancy applies to any part of a day or possibly a whole day. Be aware that county and city ordinances have changed and any student found truant from school may be cited and fined.  Parents may be cited and fined if a student is continually truant. Students who are truant will be moved from the morning to afternoon session, or to another more appropriate placement.



Attendance is essential for success at Frontier High School.  Any student who misses class for any reason is required to make up the hours in the after-school lab.  The lab is open from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.  The student will also earn additional credits, while making up any missed hours in the lab.  If a student owes any hours, a letter will be sent home each month indicating the number of hours he/she need to make up.



Parent/Guardian participation is critical for a students success at Frontier High School.  Parents are welcome on campus at any time, but please check in to the office when coming on to campus. Please take time out of your busy schedules to do the following to ensure the academic and social success of your child at Frontier:

  1. Call the office when your child is not going to be in school.  (Ext. 1205 or 1206)
  2. Check attendance at least once each week. Call ext. 1205 or 1206 to check on you childs  attendance. Office personnel speak Spanish.
  3. Make sure that your student arrives promptly at school. This means ensuring that your child is up in plenty of time to catch the school bus or be taken to school. In addition, make sure that your child has time for  breakfast at home, or gets to school in plenty of time to eat on campus  and make it to class on time!
  4. Call your childs counselor with any concerns or questions you may have regarding academics or personal issues.  Upon request, students may circulate weekly progress reports.

Ms. Kharaud for last names beginning with A - L  (Ext. 1207)

Mr. Tamayo for last names beginning with M - Z   (Ext. 1203)


No cell phone use on campus. Students may use the phone in the office to call parents/guardians outside of class time. Only in an emergency can a student be called out of class to receive a telephone call, accept a transferred call or be given a message called into the office by a parent or guardian.