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Discipline Plan

Discipline is vital to promoting an atmosphere of student behavior necessary to achieve high academic and moral standards.

Discipline is the responsibility of the students, parents, and staff.

Student misbehavior is often difficult to deal due to many variables. Each violation will be reviewed on an individual basis, and may warrant a minimum or maximum disciplinary action dependent upon the circumstance and previous behavior of the student. California Education Code 48900 serves as the foundation to ensure consistency and fairness in disciplinary matters at Frontier High School (see appendix). Students may be subject to disciplinary action if the offense occurred: (1) on any WUHSD campus; (2) at a school-sponsored event; and, (3) on the way to or from school.


School personnel may search students and/or their property for contraband in an effort to maintain a safe and orderly school environment where education may be accomplished in an atmosphere of law and order.


1. Violation will be reviewed and the student informed of the reason for disciplinary action.

2. The student will be permitted to discuss the violation and to present information on his/her own behalf.

3. In the event the infraction by students results in suspension, expulsion, or an alternative placement the student/parent has a right to a conference/hearing within a specified time as prescribed by law.


The law requires notification to law enforcement of all incidents:

a. Controlled substance
b. Weapons
c. Assaults
d Violent or Terrorist Threats

Probation officers will be notified of excessive tardies, absences and discipline referrals.


Any student counseled or suspended for the use, possession, and or sale of drugs

Including alcohol will be required to attend on-campus drug counseling through New Beginnings, a community-based organization.


Discussion: A staff member verbally informs a student that he/she has violated or is about to violate a school rule or regulation. Also, the staff member may warn the student through a written referral that his/her behavior is unacceptable.

Counseling: The counselor provides a helping relationship by analyzing student misbehavior and providing positive steps for attitude adjustment. Counseling may include holding student in the office for the balance of a class period-time out, holding a parent conference or using other measures if appropriate.

Detention: Student is detained after school due to classroom behavior. Student is given a choice of days to serve the detention in order to allow them time to notify their parents.

Suspension: Removal of a student from Frontier High and all school sponsored activities on and off campus for the purpose of home correction. Suspension is a disciplinary action for unacceptable behavior on campus and/or at school activities.

Transfer: A student may be transferred to another campus or program within the Whittier Union High School District.

Expulsion: Removal of a student from the instructional program offered by the Whittier Union High School District.


If a student is suspended the parent or legal guardian will be notified by phone by a counselor or principal for the reason and duration of the suspension. Following the initial contact a letter will be sent out to the home address to confirm the suspension. During a suspension a student will be subject to arrest if they are on the school campus or on any other WUHSD campus.



A mandatory expulsion hearing will be held for the following violations:

a. 2nd offense of under the influence or possession of a controlled substance.
b. Unlawful sale of controlled substances (including alcohol)
c. Possession of weapons (including knives)
d. Robbery
e. Extortion
f. Possession of Firearm