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Homework/ Tutoring Resources

  1. Homework Ask your teachers for work to do at home.  Remember, it is up to you how quickly you finish your classes.
  1. Computer Lab - Room 210 Earn elective credits, credits for classes in which you have partial credits, receive CAHSEE tutoring, and make up attendance hours. Credits are earned by completing lessons on the computer using the Anywhere Learning System (ALS) and/or by completing course specific "paper-pencil" type lessons. the lab is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Excused and unexcused absences must be made up.
  1. Adult School Classes You can sign up to take a class concurrently at the Adult School (located next to the gym).See your counselor for more information and the necessary enrollment form.
  1. ROP Classes Get more information from your counselor.
  1. Rio Hondo A representative from Rio Hondo is available once a week in the Student Center, room 210.  Stop by the Student Center to receive information about Rio Hondo and other local colleges.  
  1. Community Service Work at any local non-profit organization and earn 1 elective for every 15 hours you work. Think of what you would like to do work at a school, a park, or a hospital.  Pick up the form in the Attendance Office or talk to your counselor for more information.
  1. Work Experience If you are working, see Mr. Morita in Room 505 to sign up for Work Experience. You can earn 5 credits for every 175 hours of work, with accompanying class assignments.